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Yulikov Alexander Artist: 

Alexander Yulikov, 1943

Minimal Ц art (minimalism art). We are before a challenge of emptiness. " There is nothing to look. It is empty, it is cold, not interesting ", - complaints of the spectators, come to look pictures. But if you forget everything, that knew early, stop justifying and accept the challenge of this emptiness - there is a chance to outlive an opening of that art is not only painting.

Yes, YulikovТs objects do not carry anything of professional art, they are easy for drawing again by drawings and sketches (by the way, Yulikov never signed works). For that, such approach to painting destruct its myth in relation to artists as authors, creators.

Neither symbols and signs, nor emotional experience. There is no any performance. Antipainting. Provocation. Radicalism of Yulikov is on the side with religion, with a precept "Do not create to yourself an idol".

Victoriya Samsonova


  Graphic works  

Diagonal. Sheet є4
1979 ,70x50

Horizontal. Sheet є2
1979 , 70x50

Diagonal. Sheet є3
1979 , 70x50

Vertical. Sheet є1
1979 , 70x50


White Composition with 36 Circles
1986 ,70x70x1

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